Clerk of Juvenile Court

The Clerk of Court's Office is responsible for ensuring that critical areas of the court function in the most reasonable and cost effective manner. The Clerk of Court's Office has the following additional duties:

  • Record all proceedings of the court, issue and sign summons and subpoenas and maintain all records within the court system.
  • Maintains and distributes court dockets on a weekly basis.
  • Receive and safely maintain all evidence brought to the court.
  • Prepare and transmit copies of court records to proper appellate courts upon notification that a case has been appealed.
  • Certify court documents or records when transmitted to other courts or agencies and ensure proper recording and safe keeping of transcripts of all hearings, including adjudicatory, probably cause, detention and transfer hearings.
  • Receives all payment due to the Court.
  • Forwarding copies of all case document to criminal court in the event an alleged delinquent child is prosecuted as an adult under state law O.C.G.A. § 15-11-30.02.

The Office of the Clerk of Juvenile Court provides only the forms that are found in the Uniform Rules of Juvenile Court. Any additional filings are not available in this office. The forms available in the Clerk's Office are:

Clerk's Office Records

Due to the confidential nature of Juvenile Court records, the Clerk's Office staff is prohibited from providing case information to most members of the public who are not parties to the case and cannot provide any information over the phone, even to parties. If you are a party to a case, please bring current picture identification (driver's license, state issued identification, military identification, etc.) into the office to request copies of filings.

Regular Copy:$1.00 per page
Certified Copy:$2.00 for the certification and $0.50 for each page

Payments to the Court

If you or your child were ordered to make a payment to the Court, payments are accepted in the Clerk's Office between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. The Clerk's Office accepts credit/debit cards (nominal fee applies) or money order only. If you mail a payment, please put case information or child's name and date of birth on the money order. 

If you have a payment arrangement with the Court, please keep up with the payment/contempt notice given to you in the office. That form tells you when the payment is due and if it is not received when your contempt of court hearing will be. Failure to show for the contempt of court hearing will result in a bench warrant.


The Clerk of Juvenile Court disburses collected restitution once a month. If a payment has been made on your restitution, you will receive a check. If a juvenile is not making payments towards restitution, their probation officer is responsible for enforcement of that order. If you are a victim of a crime, please ensure that you notify the Clerk's Office of address changes so the check will come to the correct address. The Clerk complies with the applicable statutes and will forward all unclaimed restitution to the appropriate agency.

Samantha Cannon is the Clerk of Muscogee County Juvenile Court. Prior to joining Juvenile Court, Mrs. Cannon served as the Director of the Board of Equalization in the Clerk of Superior Court, and previously worked for 9 years in Superior Court, first in the District Attorney’s Office then in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court.

Melanie Smith is the Chief Deputy Clerk of Court. Ms. Smith has worked with the Juvenile Court for five years. She began as the Assistant to the Court Director, then transferred to work as the in-court delinquency clerk. In 2016, Ms. Smith was appointed Chief Deputy Clerk.