Traffic Court

Traffic Court is usually held in Courtroom II of Recorder’s Court, located at 702 10th Street. Our court is located adjacent to the Muscogee County Jail. There is a fine calculator on this website for most traffic citations. If you desire to do so, you can pay your fine online, in full, for most traffic offenses before court your scheduled court date. Please note, we cannot accept partial payments.

If you choose to appear in court on your scheduled court date, you will enter the courthouse and you will be required to go through security. You may not bring weapons, knives, sharp items, tasers, pepper spray, or food and drinks into the courthouse. After going through security, check the list on the door to ensure if your name is on the list of cases to be heard. If you are on the list, proceed into the courtroom and have a seat. If you are not on the list, please go to one of the clerk’s windows and inquire further about your case.

What to expect in court...

  1. Once in the courtroom, the judge will advise you of your rights. When your name is called, you will come forward and the judge will ask you to how you plead to the charges. You may plead guilty, no contest in some limited circumstances, guilty with an explanation, or not guilty.
  2. If you have documents you want to present such as valid insurance, a tag or registration, a reinstated driver’s license, documentation as to why you missed a court date, or other documentation concerning your case, then please bring your documents and have them out and be ready to proceed when you come forward.
  3. Jail generally is NOT the case for Traffic Court. Most all our traffic cases are disposed of by a fine or community service, not jail time. If you plead guilty or no contest, or you are found guilty, a fine is generally assessed and you can pay a fine in full in court.
  4. If a fine is assessed and you do not have money to pay a fine in full, you will be placed on supervised probation until you pay the fine in full. There is a monthly probation fee that begins on day one. Once you pay your fine in full, your probation is terminated.
  5. Of course, you can plead not guilty to any offense. You can have a bench trial in Recorder’s Court. Alternatively, if you want a jury trial, which is your right, then your case will be bound over to The State Court of Muscogee County. We do not have jury trials in Recorder’s Court.